Sheffield City Region gets £5m from DWP to help unemployed Magazine

Sheffield City Region gets £5m from DWP to help unemployed Magazine

The Sheffield City Region is piloting an new national move to help the unemployed, and will get up to £5m from the Department of Work and Pensions.

Under a scheme which involves six areas of England, thousands of disadvantaged people and those at risk of becoming long-term unemployed across the region are set to receive a combination of specialist advice and support to get into work. It will start in January and run for five years.

Cllr Chris Read, Leader of Rotherham Borough Council and Chair of the SCR Skills, Employment and Education board, said: “I am very pleased to see this pilot, which will help underpin the inclusive approach of the Sheffield City Region. We are in the vanguard of this work. As we see the numbers of our high value jobs growing we are ensuring that no one in our communities misses out on this growth.”

Nigel Brewster, Vice Chair of the SCR Local Enterprise Partnership and Co-Chair of Skills, Employment and Education board, added: “This is a visionary exercise. Employers want the best people, and they are very keen to see help for those who face hurdles getting into work. This scheme will benefit the whole region.”

In the Sheffield City Region the scheme is expected to help support 3,000 people – including disabled people and older people. Employment and health specialists will work together to help vulnerable people facing multiple barriers to getting or keeping work.

Secretary of State for Work & Pensions, David Gauke said: “We have record numbers of people in work which is great news, but there are still people missing out on the available opportunities because of barriers to employment.

“This new scheme led by the Sheffield City Region is a great step forward in our efforts to identify groups of people most at risk of being long-term unemployed, and ways we can support them in work.

“This pilot is yet another step forward in our efforts to help people of all backgrounds enjoy the benefits of work, and will boost the wide-ranging support we currently offer through local experts like Jobcentre Plus.”

Northern Powerhouse Minister Jake Berry added: “We’re boosting jobs and growth across the Northern Powerhouse, with Sheffield City Region set to benefit from up to £5million for a new employment scheme. This pilot will help people across Sheffield City Region to find high quality jobs and help the people most vulnerable in the jobs market.”

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